terça-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2009

Astrild Stormdaughter-coolness made flesh and blood!!

In homage to her that is destined to become one of the more popular antiheroines of DC Comics. An excellent replacement to one of the casualties of Our Worlds At War, Maxima

She gives me memories of another femme(errr...) musicale...

Kendappa-oh from RG Veda. Both of them thought that they lacked power...

She had also a passable resemblance with the just-discovered Orkas( female Orcs) whose existence was confirmed by Tolkien himself in an unpublished, uncollected letter.

But in the place of a Starro's star in her mind the female must watches her back, because "backstabs" can be a veritable possibility when she walks in the darkness in front of the lustful, demanding, eyes of her male counterparts. Take a look

Watch your back lady, the danger is all around!!

Compare with Astrild's back

Lobo , the Last Czarnian, can now find a suitable mate and forget his dolphins for a short time.

Watch your back Astrild!!

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